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We are about to launch Krypshield 2.0 the latest version of the Krysphield desktop applications.Two major features of Vault and Compression/decompression will be there in upcoming edition.We have received great response of our software and we hope this time it will be even better.

To undertake the securtiy aspect of every end user we are trying hard for last 1.5yrs.We are in alpha phase of two future editions of Krypshield Cloud app which will be called as KrypCloud and the Windows Phone 7 Application i.e. KrypMoby .We understand the security is becoming the concern for coporate users , to cater that we will be having support for them through highly scalable and flexibile cloud application hosted on Windows Azure.

Team Members:
Harsh Mahajan-Project Lead
Aman Goel-UI designer and Tester
Sugandh Gupta- KrypMoby designer and developer

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